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Wedding Photo Editing Services

No other photography can be as challenging as wedding photography. In a wedding function, the wedding photographers need to take a lot of pictures. The photographers generally get less time to do a procession of the photo after photography. When your clients expect a lot from your photography but you have no time to edit their photo and make the best, you need to go for wedding photo editing services. It is not enough to hire a wedding photographer for getting only the raw images. As a photographer, if you deliver only raw photographs which are unedited, your clients may get unhappy by seeing no changes in the photo while they are expecting way more than that. To get your name and fame intact, you should go for wedding image editing services to improve the photo quality. Your photography business will grow rapidly. Photo editing services give you photos look professional and worth praising. We can be a better option for editing your wedding Photos.

Wedding Photo Editing Services Categories:


Wedding Photo Background Removal Service

One of the major parts of any wedding photo is background. If a background of a wedding photo is not good and suitable, the entire wedding photo looks awkward. When a background is not good enough, the photo is definitely will not be able to create a magic. A poor background is not anyone’s control rather than an editor. Our professionals can remove the background of your wedding photograph and change it to make the photo look best. We can assure you the amazing background by our work. A number of works during wedding photo editing are done by us such as isolating the object, removing the background, changing the entire background, replacing the background, changing the background, cleaning the background, background color changing etc. To remove the background of wedding photographs, our professionals use Adobe Photoshop and its essential background removal tools such as pen tool, magic wand tool, lasso tool etc.


Wedding Photo Retouching Services

A wedding photograph can be consisted of many unwanted things. You cannot click all the photos with planning. Everything is uncertain. A bride and groom having spots on the faces and the body, having stray hairs, some unwanted object coming in the photo, faces of the people are dark, the location is dirty/not clean, the length of the dresses are not right, make-up is not in the right place.  When you are a bride or a groom, you will definitely not like your faces with any kind of spots. Weather its pimples or black heads, the photo will look be disaster. Our Wedding photo retouching service can help you to remove any kind of spots from face and body. In a wedding photo you may see a lot of things that do not go with the photo or looking inappropriate. Our retouching service is there to remove those unwanted objects from the photo and give a better look. On the other hand, there can be photos where the body and face of the people are looking awkward is shape. Our professionals are there to give a perfect shape to those awkward parts of your body and face.  The color tone of the face and skin matters a lot when it comes on wedding photo. An imbalanced color tone is an absolute turn off. To make a balanced color tone, our image retouching service is there for you. Beauty photo retouching is also very popular among all. Our retouching experts can do beauty retouching very skillfully by fixing up all make-up flaws.


Get perfect color by our Wedding Photo Color Correction

A wedding photographer has to face a lot of troubles with color. Though wedding programs are very colorful, at the same time you may not get the exact color of the location or color of that in the camera. It may cause of lighting or adjustment setting of the camera. A wedding photography does not look like a wedding photograph if there is no color. It looks rather dull and lifeless. Since we are talking about marriage photographs, all the photos should be full of life so that it attracts the eyes of the people who are looking at the photograph. Let our professionals to deal with your photo color.  Adjusting correct color, saturation, tones, lightings, adjusting white balance etc. are done by our professionals very skillfully.  We are also available for sharpening color tone, exposure correction, ghosting correction, adding sun-tan effect, setting right brightness level, gloss finishing and many other color correction services. This is one of the most taken services from our wedding photo editing services.


Get a natural by Our Wedding Photo Drop Shadow Service

As we have already said that it is next to impossible to edit photos for photographer after a wedding photography. Sometime, you need to think about giving a natural look to your photos. That natural look to your photos can be given by us by our shadow services. This is one of our most unique wedding photo editing services.  Our experts create every kinds of shadow to make a photo look natural and classy. When you see a couple post wedding walking or doing some activities alone, the only thing should be there is their shadow. It is an interesting matter of adding shadows. Because there are few types of shadow services provided by us, such as drop shadow, soft shadow, natural shadow, original shadow, reflection shadow etc.  After providing the photos which are having shadows, we can ensure that the value of your photos will increase high. Our professionals are ready to give your wedding photos the shadow services anytime you want.


Our manipulation service creates magic on wedding photos

Do you want to create magical wedding photos? Do you want to add elements and effects? You need not to worry when we are here to help you. Our wedding photo editing services include wedding image manipulation service. We try to provide some magical moments to our clients by editing the photos many unique styles. You may think how the uniqueness can be created on wedding photos. It is possible by adding different kind of effects and elements on the photo which will change the entire look of the photograph. We can merge 2 photos together and make it one new photo. Sometime, bride or groom may demand you some other effects to be added on the photo. You just have to tell us what kind of effect you want. We can create each and every effect on the photo as per your requirement. Our manipulation service experts are also expert in changing the location. We can make the couple reach to the moon from the earth. That is how our wedding photo manipulation service works. If you want to create a masterpiece, try our wedding photo editing and manipulation services.


Restore old and damaged wedding photos

Wedding photos are the precious memories of the lifetime which are cherished forever. But a broken or damaged old photo ruins the memories and vanish them. We do not edit only proper pictures but we also edit old and damaged photos. Our expert image editing team can provide you the restoration service to your old wedding photos. All distorted and damaged parts can be restored by us very smoothly and you can get an entire new photo.


Our company is providing wedding photo editing services since last 10 years. So, you do not have to worry about your photos and can rely 100% on us in case of editing your photos. We have been satisfying our clients by our works that is why we are still stable in this industry. We ensure you high quality editing services which will create a good impression on everyone. Our team is experts on every types of wedding photo editing services. We have around 50 professionals for editing wedding images. Each and every expert of our team gives their hard and soul to provide the perfect edited photos. You will provide you the combination of the best quality, on-time delivery and lower price. So, what are you waiting for?

We have been working and serving our clients with photo editing services since last 10 years. We know our capability and our client’s demand. We have our special team for photo manipulation service to make perfect photographs. Our professionals work day and night to put their best on the photos. So if you want your photo to get extra-ordinary look try our photo manipulation service.