Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions is an agreement which allows the visitors to visit the website if they agree to follow those terms and condition. Terms and conditions prove that this site belongs to Photo Editing Services. It is a licensed company which is showed in the Photo Editing Services terms and conditions.

All the things of terms and conditions can be changed anytime by its sole discretion because they have the full right on it. You have to keep your eyes in our website so that you get to know the changes of the terms. You can post your images in our site only if agree to those terms. Only then we can allow getting our client’s images or free trials. If you continue with our website agreeing all the terms and conditions, we grant you to enter everything from our clients.

Our Terms and Conditions Include:

  • Our contents of the website can be changed with notice.
  • All the contents of ours are only for use and information.
  • We never provide the guarantee of performance, accuracy, punctuality of deadline, of any kind of works and information.
  • We do not take the liability for inaccuracy
  • We are not liable of yours using our websites information and materials. It is up to you if you meet with your requirements.
  • Photo Editing Services has all the copyright of every information and materials. So, use those at your own risk.
  • If the website is being used for any unethical mean and not authorized, it would be like criminal offence.
  • We link up some other websites as well for more information that does not mean that we are endorsing them.
  • Whatever material you send us, it has to be safe. Otherwise, we can take a legal action.


The Information we need from our Clients

  • Clients Name, Address, Company name and Country name.
  • Client’s mail address and contact number
  • Some other information as per the policy changes.


Our Reasons of Gathering the Information of our Clients

  • For keeping the records of the clients
  • For sending messages to contact them
  • For knowing their requirements
  • For letting them know about our offers time-to-time
  • For market research purposes
  • For letting you know about the changes of our company
  • For getting suggestions from the clients about our website.


Internet can never ensure that the information you are gathering or the contents you are reading are safe or not. Photo Editing Services allows you to use our site and get the secure information. If you send us any encrypted message, we will get an automatic notification by our server.

Accounts, Password and Security

Photo editing services has their own server by which we transfer the files. Our safe protocol always been used to receive and to deliver the files quickly. Our protocol systems are HTP, Drop Box and Hightell by which we use for uploading and downloading the photos.

Only after accepting the term of our protocol, you need to have and account of one of the protocols so that we can exchanges the files. The user has to create and account with user name and password.

Free Trial

For the new clients Photo Editing Services are providing free trials. We give free trial of maximum 5 images. But the visitor has to have a legible company website. One thing that is to be noted that we may refuse your requests if the service is not included in our services or if we are not in a state of giving free trial that time.

Payment Methods

Our ways of accepting payments are PayPal, Visa Card, master Card, and all other major credit cards.

Guarantee of Quality

We try to provide high quality works to our clients. Our professional designers work day and night for the quality. If we deliver poor quality sometime, we redo those works and make them happen without additional payment. We hold all the rights if the communication system is poor with the clients.

File Storage Policy

All the present and previous files have been kept saved with our COO. We keep the files saved just in case of emergency. If we get complaint against the files, we can just reedit the photos by keeping those previous files saved.

Use of our Client’s Image

We may use your free trial images in our website for our promotional purposes. We will seek for your permission before using your images. If you do not allow us to use your images, we ensure you that we will not use your images anyway anywhere.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are the small files which we send by our server to our client’s system. Cookies help us to know when our website is getting visited by the visitors. We get notification in what kind of pages our visitors are surfing. So that we can suggest our visitors the similar pages to visit.

The data and information of our clients are protected by cookies. We send the cookies to our clients. The cookies work only after getting accepted by the clients. If the client accepts the cookie, we get the access to their computer hard drive.  Cookies help us to protect our client’s data and information. When we send cookie to the clients, the clients has to accept the cookie to get us access to their hard drive. Our client can also decline the cookie if they do not want to share the information with us. We use the traffic cookie to share the information.

Website Disclaimer

All the information that contained in the website is just for providing the general information about the website. By the information, we keep the visitors up-to-date by updating the information time-to-time. We keep on changing the things periodically.


We do not ensure about quality and the timeline of the works. Whatever information or content you want to get through our website, it will be your responsibility to keep them safe. We do not use our client’s images without their concern and we send cookies to share other information with the clients.