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Image Masking Service

One of the most widely used methods for removing the background of different photos accurately is known as Image Masking. This technique is applied to photos using Photoshop. It is mainly done using the pen tool. The clipping path can also be used for removing backgrounds of different photos but for some photos it is not enough, this is when image masking becomes vital. There are many complex images which have soft edges and curves like hair, dolls etc and semi-transparent object or a translucent object like smoke, dress, glass etc. To remove the background of such objects accurately, this method is applied.

There are different sorts of image masking services we are providing. They are – Layer masking, Alpha channel masking, Fur and Hair masking, Refine edge masking, Transparent object masking, Translucent/semi-transparent object masking, Object masking & Color masking. Each of these masking methods is carried out differently. Let’s have a look at the images in which this type of masking is used.

Image Masking Service Categories:


Layer Masking

This is a very professional type of service. The image is photoshopped manually by applying the mask directly to the layer using soft and refined edges with the pen tool.


Alpha channel masking

The image where the object is isolated from the background is called Alpha channel. It is later edited by changing the highlights, color, contrast, exposure, warmth etc. This type of masking is called alpha channel masking. The photo size is smaller usually, for easy uploading and downloading. One colored background is best for such editing.


Fur and Hair masking

To separate the hair/ fur or soft edges of the object from the background neatly this type of masking is used. It is done using the pen tool and edited later after removing the background. It is a more effective method than clipping path.


Refine edge masking

In this type of masking, a quick selection tool is used for selecting the object accurately and removing the background neatly with soft and refined edges. The photo is edited later on to enhance it. It makes the hair, fur, fabrics, and edges look more natural.


Transparent object masking

The objects that have transparency of 0% to 5%, by which the background is visible, are masked using this method. It retains the reality of the photo.


Translucent/Semi-transparent object masking

The objects that have transparency of more than 5%, by which the background looks fuzzy, are masked using this method. It clarifies the image properly and makes it look more enhanced.


Object masking

In this type of masking. The incompatible element of an image is selected using the quick selection tool and the background is removed using masking. Then the image is edited to make it look enhanced.


Color masking

Masking an image across the edge but not from inside is said to be color masking. After separating the background of the image and selecting the layers of the image, the colors are changed which makes the photo look bright and colorful.