Images & Services

1What kind of photos can you retouch?
We are available and efficient to retouch all kind of photographs. Such as: Portrait Photographs Wedding Photographs Product Photographs Food Photographs Old Photographs Jewelry Photographs Fashion Photographs
2If there are RAWs can you work with them?
We definitely work with the RAWs. You just need to mail us the RAWs.
3Do you offer the output as the layered PSD files?
Yes, we offer the output as the layered PSD files. This offer of us is combined with some other layers for free if you follow our conditions.
4Do You Maintain Quality Control?
Yes, we do maintain quality control. In fact, we have quality control department to check the quality and to match the works with our client’s requirements.
5What happens if I'm not satisfied with a finished image?
We always try to satisfy our valuable clients by providing 100% quality services. Our clients barely complain about our work. Even if our clients are not satisfied with our finished images, we retake those images and give them to the designers to re edit the photos.
6If there are some revisions, should I pay extra?
No, you do not have to pay extra for the revisions. We do not charge any extra fee for the revisions.
7Is Free Trial Facility Available?
The free trial facility is available in our company for the clients to decide if the client wants to take our services or not. We offer one or two free trial images to the clients. We receive the images for free trials by email and the file size should be between 25mb.
8Do you demand copyrights to done photos?
Never! We never demand the copyright to the edited photos. In our opinion, only our clients can keep the copyrights of the photos.

Image Transfer & Safety

1What file format can I send you?
We have been working in this photo editing industry since many years. You can send your photos in any format (JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, AI etc.) We can convert your files in your required format.
2How do I send and receive my images?
We have our own secured FTP service to upload and to download the images. We transfer and Dropbox are also there to send and receive your images.
3Do You Have A Rush Delivery System?
If you want to get urgent photo editing services, our rush delivery system is there for you. We efficiently give the photo edited services to our clients if they are in need of the edited images quickly.
4What are your turnaround times?
Our usual turnaround time is 24 hours. But sometimes it depends on the number of the images and the required time of our clients.
5Will my images remain safe with you?
our images are totally safe with us. We ensure you the higher security by not disclosing your identity and keeping the copyrights to us. We also use our own FTP server for sharing the images. We do not even let our employees to use our client’s images.


1What kind of Payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal as payment method. We also accept credit/debit card through Payoneer. For large amount of payment we can also accept Bank Transfer / Wire Transfer.
2Do you offer monthly billing plan?
Yes! We offer our clients the monthly billing plan so that the clients need not to pay every time they get the order.

Contact & Support

1Are You Open 24 Hours?
Yes! We are open 24/7 to provide our services to you. You can contact with us any time.
2If there are any other way to reach you?
Mainly we communicate through Emails. You can also contact via Chat or Phone.