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Drop Shadow Service

Drop Shadow Service is a unique part of Photo Manipulation. When you see a photo, you see the entire look of that. For product photos, it is the most important parts of our photo editing services. A plain photo can hardly impress the viewers or clients. An additional thing like a shadow can give a ravishing look to the photo. A shadow can make a photo look more natural. If you see some raw product photographs, they look unnatural sometimes. When it comes to displaying those photos, it turns out to be a matter of big disappointment. This photo editing techniques are applied to the photos to display the photos to create an effect on the customers. A fresh look is given to a digital image by drop shadow service. A question may arrive that what drop shadow is? Well, Drop Shadow is a fake shadow which is created on the surface of the object by the help of Photoshop. This visual effect always catches the eye of customers and makes them tempted to grab the product.

Drop shadow mainly creates shadows like grey or black shadow. It is pretty a difficult work to create the shadow in a perfect position. Many product photos like beauty products, sports products, automobile products, accessories, jewelry products, glass wears, garment products etc. To perform the drop shadow service, we have a professional team which has experts in shadow service. We use Adobe Photoshop and the exceptional photo editing techniques which give refined shadow to the photo. Drop shadow is not only created in product photos, but it also be created in human and fashion photos. Different types of photos need different types of drop shadow service. There are few drop shadow services which give you the various to various photos effectively.

Drop Shadow Service Categories


Natural Shadow

One of the finest shadow services in drop shadow service is the natural shadow. Natural shadow means the shadow of the object which comes naturally in the photo. When you keep the object on the surface during a photo shoot, you may see a natural shadow. Our drop shadow service provides to create the natural shadow that shows an awesome look at the product/object and is very natural.


Soft Shadow

Soft shadow means the soft effect of the drop shadow. The length and the density of the soft shadow are generally lower than the other shadows. It creates a dreamy look to the image. A soft shadow is mostly added to the surface of furniture items. Sometimes, soft shadows are created by soft lighting. Our photo editing experts can create the perfect soft shadow on the surface of the object that looks natural.


Blending Shadow

Our drop shadow service is not restricted to product photos only. We also create shadows on the texts too. Our experts use blending shadow service to create shadows over the texts. A text photo looks way better and attractive when you see a blended shadow on the text. These kinds of texts are mostly used in books covers, bottles, Posters, Banners, E-commerce websites and other printing presses.


Drop Shadow

A drop shadow is not original yet, it looks natural. A drop shadow can be created in different angles, in multi-dimensions. You can never realize that the shadow has been created later on and not natural if you see the drop shadow in the photographs. While photographing the photos, the photographers might want the shadow which may not be possible to get due to lighting problems or for the shortage of elements. Then the drop shadow service is taken by the photographers to get false shadows in the photo.


Reflection Shadow

Reflection shadow is one of the best-looking services in drop shadow service. Reflection Shadow creates the relationship with the surface that shows the depth and solidity between the bottom of the object and the ground. Reflection shadow is also known as a drop shadow. It is called mirror effect because the shadow that shows is just like a mirror. You will get to see the exact photo of the object applying mirror effect service. Our drop shadow service can give you the exact reflection of your photos. Mirror effect photos make your photo look gorgeous and classy. When you see a photo which is given reflection shadows are highly in demand now-a-days. Almost every product and fashion photos are using mirror effect before publishing.



Drop Shadow Service is like the talk of the town in image editing industry. Almost all sorts of companies need drop shadow service for a better-looking photo. Adobe Photoshop is being used for providing drop shadow services wonderfully. Drop shadow service is very beneficial for companies and individuals. A photographer can earn huge amount of money by photos that have shadows. It may also provide a brand and fame to a photographer. If we talk about an e-commerce website, using the drop shadow product photographs will attract the eyes of customers. Thus, the sale will get increased. Printing presses are also using the photos having shadows, to give a better look at the photos before publishing.

Are you looking for drop shadow services? We are here to provide you the amazing experience of drop shadow service. By different shadows, we ensure you to give you most attractive photos with high quality. Our drop shadow service is comparatively cheaper than other photo editing service companies. We provide our service 24/7.