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Color Correction Services

Color correction service is one of the popular photos editing service in the photo industry. Color correction service is needed when a picture does not have a proper color tone and adjustment of the color is not set up properly. This is a very effective photo editing technique. Photographers sometimes get their photos in a bad color when if there are some flaws in the photography. The maximum number of photo editing service companies mostly do color correction for adjusting the color in a right way. A photo may not get the right amount of color if the camera setting is not correct or due to bad lighting. A photographic environment is also responsible for a perfect color of the photo. If you are having a photo shoot but the environment is not colorful enough, it would be difficult to get the perfect color for the photo. Thus, it needs color correction. If you see from customers or viewer’s eyes, you would definitely not get attracted towards the photos which are having poor color. Now-a-days, it has taken a strong position in every photo editing companies. Color correction service helps you to give you the perfect appearance of your photo which will impress all the people you show the photos too.

Color Correction Service is mostly given by the professionals. You need a vast knowledge of Photoshop if you want to do color correction. Color adjustment technique is applied to every photograph. It is mostly taken by photographers, studios, and e-commerce companies. From adjusting color to B&W effects, color correction service is always there to help you. Color editing does not only emphasizes on adjusting color, but it also emphasizes on brightness, contrast, color enhancement, exposure adjustment, saturation adjustment, sharpness correction, filter adding, color level adjustment and many other things we are going to cover below.

Color correction Service Categories


Color Tone Adjustment

Adjusting the perfect color tone for any of the photo is very difficult. It cannot be performed without a professional. When is the color tone adjustment used the most? This thing under the color correction service is mostly used in skins. Editing the photo of a human skin is very sensitive. The skin tone in a photo may not look attractive enough when the picture comes out. So, it is possible to give the skin tone whatever color and texture as per your requirement. Our professionals are very efficient to adjust the color tone of the skin in a photograph. Whether you like dark or bright, we can give you the best skin ton color adjustment service.


Brightness and Contrast Adjustment

Brightness and contrast are 2 main elements which can make a photo alive or dead. You have to put the right amount of brightness and contrast level in a photo to showcase your photos outside. Too much of brightness level can make a photo too bright that you may not be able to see some details. On the other hand if you put full contrast level to the photo, the photo may get burned. So, while editing brightness and contrast level, there has to be a balance of amount of both of these. Photoshop color correction helps you to adjust brightness and contrast in a right way.


Exposure Adjustment

Exposure adjustment helps to increase and decrease the exposure level of the picture. You will get your desired amount of exposure that will suit your image by this. Exposure comes with fuss. When you are adjusting the exposure, it will give you fuss which makes the photo a bit fussy. Many professional photographers do not know how to put the perfect adjustment on the photos that will suit. The fuss we are talking about, gives your photo a texture which is unique to watch.


Color Temperature Adjustment

Color correction service has different photo editing techniques to adjust the colors of the photo from everywhere. Different types of temperature give you different look to the photos. If you adjust the temperature in a lower opacity that will give a cold look to your image and the high amount of temperature will give a warm look. The density of the lights while photography, might not give you the perfect temperature during photo shoot. When the photo comes out, you may not be happy by seeing it. If you want to set the perfect color temperature, you can try our professional services.


Color Saturation Adjustment

The color saturation comes from the lights. The intensity of the lights coming in the photo creates a saturation level. A high amount of saturation level makes a photo looks very lightening because of the high level of saturation. On the other hand, low saturation level can make the background invisible. Hence, the level of color saturation should rightly be adjusted by Photoshop color correction experts of the photo editing companies.


Clarity Adjustment

A photo should be clean and clear. While photography, sometime it’s not possible for a photographer to edit the photo if the photo is not clear. Our Photoshop photo editing techniques can be used for that. Our professionals apply the color correction techniques to make an unclear photo clear. Though it is a very tough job, but it is done finely by our color correction service.


Converting Colored images to B&W

People like colored photographs, but black and white photographs are equally attractive if it has elegance. A black and white photo looks classier than anything. There are many people who find black and white photo more attractive than the colored ones. Converting colored images to B&W image is comparatively easier than converting B&W to color. But you need to put the correct amount of B&W effect so that the picture doesn’t take too sassy. B&W images have become very popular now-a-days. The demand for B&W photos is increasing day-by-day among people.


Converting B&W image to Color

One of the most difficult techniques of the color correction service is to convert a black and white image to color. You may see some old black and white photos but you want to put color on those photos. Amateur photo editors cannot make this work done as fluently as a professional can do. By our color correction techniques, we can make you black and white photo colorful and will put colors as per your requirement. There are many companies and individuals who need this service badly. So, we are here to provide you this color correction service.


Adding Filters

Photoshop filters are very popular for image editing. Our photo editors edit the photos by using various filters to deliver brand new images by filters. There are different types of filters that give you different effects and different textures that make the photo better. We use various filters like Artistic, Blur, Distort, Noise, Sketch, Sharpen, etc.


Color Curve Adjustment

There are multiple tools for color correction service that are used for adjusting the correct color density, and that can be done by color curve adjustment. We can put different amount of color to the different areas of the same photo with color curve adjustment. You can give a whole new look to a photo by color curve adjustment. Color curve adjustment is a tool of Photoshop where you can see a curve. Our professionals drag the curves in the right places and put the right amount of color in the photo. It should be done very fluently if you want to get a great colored photo. This is one of the major parts of color correction service of our company.


Photography is not easy, and editing the photos after photography is way more difficult for a photographer due to time. So you can give your photos for post procession to save your time and money. It will give you more conversion rate with high quality edited images. Our services are taken by photographers, product companies, e-commerce websites, printing and publishing, fashion industries, garment industries. Using the color correction adjusted photographs; you can advertise your photo and make a positive impact on your photos.

We have been serving our different photo editing services since 10 long years. Our color correction service is taken by many kinds of business companies and photographers. We ensure you high quality edited photos at a very low cost. We also offer discount on bulk orders. So it is your choice if you would like to try our services.