About Photo Edit Services

we take every photo with care

About Us

Photo Edit Services is one of the best image editing service providing companies in the continent of South Asia. We are renowned for providing image editing services successfully around the world. Image editing services like background removal, image masking, image retouching, color correction and many other services are provided by us. We have been ruling the image editing sector since last 10 years. We satisfy our clients by providing quality works with the best market price and follow the strict deadline.

Our Mission

Different company has different missions. Our mission is to provide quality service within the deadline and gain our client’s trust.

Our Vision

We want to be the top image editing Service Company within next 2-3 years and want to provide the best service.

Our Method of Working

Our method of working is very easy and secured. Here is our elaborated method of working given below.

  • We use our secured FTP server or web media which are wetransfer.com and dropbox.com for getting the files and to handle those.
  • We give our clients the pricelist of the service they demand for.
  • If the clients get agree with the price, they pass their images to us.
  • Then we upload the images in our secured server.
  • After uploading, our image editing team receives the images for post processing.
  • Our experts the make the works done.
  • After the procession, our team hand them over to the QC (Quality Checker).
  • When the quality checking is done, those images are passed to the Upper Level.
  • Then they deliver the edited images to the clients.
  • We take the payment through PayPal and all major debit/credit cards through Payoneer.

Why Would You Choose Us?

Since we are providing our services since many years, we know how to process the images perfectly and what makes our clients happy. Many of the images editing services are provided by our expert team. Our image editing services are done by 30+ skillful designers. We also offer project based service so that you can hire our designers for your work. Here are some other reasons that make you think why to choose us.

  • High Quality Work
  • Low price
  • 2 Work Shifts
  • 24 Hours Availability
  • Emergency editing service at a lower price
  • Image editing service from simple to super complex
  • Hard Working Manpower
  • Quick Delivery
  • Accurate image editing work
  • Time Maintenance

Success Story of Photo Edit Service

Sadi Chowdhury is the founder and the owner of Photo Edit Services. Since childhood, he used to spend a lot of time with computing, designing and programming stuffs. Soon he brought up he took courses on programming and image editing. He worked on designing with some of the renowned companies for 5 years and gathered experience. When caught each and every little thing and planned to start his own image editing service company. Then the journey began. As a new Entrepreneur, he had to face some difficulties at the initial stage. But he overcame all the hurdles pretty quickly. He started collecting clients from overseas market with a very limited number of employees and set up of a small office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The hard work and the passion towards his works, he could manage to gather clients and got able to win their heart by honesty and consistency. Now, Photo Edit Service has become a leading image editing company. We have 3 branches in 3 different places with a large number of employees. Our company has grown from smaller to bigger and we provide better services than before.

Our Services

Our Services are provided by vast number of professional image editors that ensure 100% quality work. We are providing the following services.

Background Removal Service

Our background removal service helps your images to get rid of your old and boring background and remove to give a better background to your photo. We have special team for background removal service.

Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching Service provides you the spotless and smooth photos that you have never seen. It is possible to fix the most damaged parts of the photos by our retouching services.

Product Photo Editing Service

Product photos can edit the customers only if they look perfect. We provide best product photo editing service and give your photos smashing look.

Real Estate Photo Editing Service

To impress the customers of the different part of the real estate properties by using images, our real estate photo editing services are there for you. Our professionals edit your real estate photos very finely.

Wedding Photo Editing Service

Wedding photos are the most precious photos of someone’s life. We do not want your wedding photos to get ruined. Take our wedding photo editing services and make your precious moments more beautiful.

Jewelry Photo Retouching Service

Jewelry photos need to have a perfect look. Jewelry should look spotless and the gems should look shiny. Get the perfect looking jewelry photos by our jewelry photo retouching service

Color Correction Service

To put the right color to your photos, apply our color correction services. We provide a life to your photo by adjustment of the best color shades to your images.

Drop Shadow Service

If you want to get a natural look on your photographs, you should go with our drop shadow service. Our drop shadow service also includes mirror effect service.

Photo Manipulation Service

Our image editing experts can also manipulate your images and make a whole new image by adding effects, combining images and using unique techniques.

Old Photo Restoration Service

We are here to fix your old and damaged photos and help you to relive your old memories all over again by our old photo restoration service.

We are one image editing Service Company which charge very less than other companies. We also offer Free Trials and Bulk Offers to our clients. We never break our commitments and deliver the works on time.